Doom 2 is the sequel of the popular first-person shooter game Doom
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The gameplay in Doom II is pretty much the same as in the first Doom, but the storyline is a bit different. It starts presenting the space marine crash-landing on Earth after getting rid of the demons in the UAC facility, but as he lands, he finds out that the demons have invaded Earth and billions of people are already dead; so now he must help evacuate the survivors and free the planet from the hell-threat.

In Doom 2 the original doom formula is enhanced with the addition of new monsters, a new weapon (double barrel shotgun), and some very challenging levels.

The levels of Doom 2 are very well structured, with enough puzzles to keep the gameplay fresh, while never making it too frustrating.

This version of the first-person shooter game has 32 levels to play, during which players can destroy Hell's minions to shreds from the very first moment to the last. The new enemies definitely make Doom 3 a living hell, particularly the monster that pumps plasma shots at you or the demon that can resurrect dead monsters.

The graphics are the same as in the first Doom, still a 3D play field that uses massive 2D sprites for the enemies and items found throughout each level.

Mariano Delgado
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  • New storyline
  • New weapons and enemies


  • For new players, levels can turn out a little difficult at first
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